Crash Course to Throwing a Jolly Holiday Party

Tips to hosting a great holiday party in your new Forest Park home

Not sure about you, but our team here at Forest Park Westport sure adores an exceptional holiday party. Being the host for a holiday party can certainly be stressful, but we’ve gathered a few tips to help make the chaos manageable!

You don’t need to do a formal sit-down dinner! The new trend focuses on delicious finger foods that are easy to eat. We found a wide variety of options for you to explore! It is certainly convenient for you and your guests, which allows for more opportunities to socialize.

To avoid being a bartender all night, we suggest a “Make Your Own” cocktail bar. Lay out a few different options of simple mixtures, giving people the chance to make it how they enjoy it. We also suggest making a signature drink ahead of time in a beverage dispenser. It would certainly be a unique holiday addition!

Don’t over-do decorating your home. It’s additional work for you to setup to then clean up, so a minimum amount is certainly sufficient. A few decorations to really set the atmosphere for a festive party. Stick to Christmas Trees, wreathes, a few lights, and some holiday colors on your dining room table – it’s the perfect amount of jolly spirit!

Playlist is certainly an important factor. It’s quite peaceful to have some holiday music playing softly in the background of small conversations amongst you and your loved ones. Using Spotify is unbelievably convenient – they have pre-made playlists for all types of holiday themed parties. We suggest exploring these playlists, as it saves you from having to create one from scratch!

Lastly, to keep organized, and make sure everything is completed by the first doorbell ring, we suggest you make a list (and check it twice)! A day or two prior to your party, create a list of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. We suggest leaving at least an hour before the party starts for any last-minute emergencies, but also to get ready and relax before the evening begins.