It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Springtime

Take advantage of the spring in the Greater Westport area

It’s finally March! Some days, it feels like winter will never end, but others we can sense springtime empirically. To lift your mood, and of course feel the sensation of the suns warmth, we encourage you to get outside and get active on these blithesome days. The team at Forest Park has gathered a few activities in the greater Westport area for you to participate in.

Up first, and a personal favorite of ours, is the Green Animals Topiary Garden! Located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, this seven-acre estate is home to over 80 topiary pieces. Designs include everything from animals and birds to geometric and ornamental designs. Green Animals is the oldest, and most northern, topiary garden in the United States. Gardener, Joseph Carreiro, began his creations from 1905 to 1945 and his son-in-law, George Medonca, continued the tradition until 1985. As of today, Green Animals remains a sophisticated and rare example of a self-sufficient estate. It combines respectable and formal topiaries with vegetable gardens, herb gardens, orchards, and a Victorian house overlooking Narragansett Bay.

Next on our list of suggestions is Newport Vineyards. Newport Vineyards was originally planted in 1977 on a hill overlooking Rhode Island Sound. The goal was to produce mouthwatering, elegant wines while preserving the beautiful agricultural land from rapid development. The extraordinary micro-climate of Middletown, Rhode Island allows long, cool growing seasons ideal for the development of complex, palatable flavors in wine. Newport Winery offers a variety of options from red and white wine, to blush and sparking, as well as dessert wines and hard cider. Don’t forget to grab some scrumptious food from Brix Restaurant located on site!

Looking to do something a little closer to your home at Forest Park? Check out Westport’s own winery! Westport Rivers has been growing since 1986 and is currently home to the fourth generation of a family of winegrowers. The family settled on the sunny, South Coast of Massachusetts with the hope the area would provide gloriously aromatic, deliciously crisp wine…and boy they were right! Each wine produced provides a burst of luscious flavoring every sip. With a variety of sparking, table wine (AKA “vin de table"), aperitif and vermouths, there is certainly something for everyone to taste!