Summertime FUN!

It is July! Time is flying. Now that we are deep in the summer season, it’s time to get a lot more relaxing done. What better way to enjoy a summer afternoon than with a great book and tranquil musical tunes? Westport has the scenery you would need to ensure a great time out in the sun. Everyone loves to read but sometimes it can be hard to choose the perfect book for your mood. Options are limitless when it comes to book selection, and it shouldn’t be any other way! Westport has the perfect spot for you to find your summertime reads.

Partners Village is one of the premier locations in all of Westport. Not only can you get amazing food to enjoy like lobster rolls but you can also find the time to browse through their endless catalog in their very own book store. Partners Village prides themselves on not being ordinary. Their store also has a selection of handmade items that comes from all corners of the globe that can make the perfect addition to your home.  According to Thrillist, these are some of the best titles in 2019 you could ask about at Partners Village; titles that consist of a wide array of genres from non-fiction to science fiction. Regardless of your personal taste, Partners Village will surely have enough to satisfy your thirst for a good read. Luckily this Bookstore also hosts events for their avid readers including Visitations from well-renowned authors that joins the fans for conversation and potential book signings. One of the events they have coming up is a visit from Barbara Shapiro, author of The Collector’s Apprentice. Be sure to check out the event if you’re in the area on July 14th.   

REI Full Moon Hike:

Horseneck Road is the perfect location to spend some quality time outside on a cooler evening. On the 17th of July, join an outdoor school instructor for a guided night hike at one of the area’s best hiking venues. This is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. On the trail you can really enjoy the night skies, sparkling stars and dark woods, as they all play a perfect complement to one another. REI Full Moon Hike is one of the necessities you have to experience this summer.

July is the best part of the summer time, so it is imperative to make sure it is worth your while. Westport is happy to have you and has all of the activities you need to make this summer one to remember!