Westport Holiday Shopping Guide

As we all look forward to the upcoming holiday season, we here at Forest Park thought it would be best to indicate the best locations in the area for you to accomplish your holiday shopping. Whether it be for Black Friday discounts, or holiday gifts, we know where to go! We will also highlight several exciting local attractions for both children and adults alike. These include pictures with Santa that come with a furry twist at the mall, or horse-drawn carriage rides near the shopping center downtown.

First on our list of local attractions is the Dartmouth Mall, which offers tons of great shopping options that can be seen here, and is fortunately only a 13 minute drive from Forest Park. This mall offers idyllic photos with Santa, but they are now offering the same thing with an adorable addition; your pet! You can even book a photo with Santa ahead of time by making a simple reservation online. To do so, or to see all things holiday related at the Dartmouth Mall, you can follow the link provided here.

Second to make the cut on our list of places to checkout is the Westport Downtown Merchants Association. This may come as a surprise for some, but their website shows all the local shops located in the downtown shopping center of Westport. You can see their store directory here. The WDMA will be offering “horse and wagon rides” on December 16th from 11:00am to 3:00pm, so make sure to plan accordingly if you would like to go for a ride. You can find this information on their holiday season events page. You can also walk around for some exciting window shopping, as the WDMA is running a window display contest this year amongst all the local stores and vendors for three separate categories: national chains, independent merchants, and restaurants/bars. This friendly contest is to see who has the best decorations, and the overall best looking store-front in the vicinity. Although friendly and amongst neighbors, it will be no-holds-bar between the competition. The WDMA is even bringing in an industry professional for the final ruling/verdict as to who has won!

Now that we have covered the majority of your holiday shopping, we are going to highlight a couple of locally owned and run vendors you will likely want to check out in person. To say Beautiful Things, located at 772 Main Road in Westport, MA, has a vast selection of holiday shopping items would be an absolute understatement. Also known for their event/wedding decorating services, this fantastic shop is only a 10 minute drive from Forest Park. They offer anything from decorations, guest-books, throw pillows, inspirational signs, mugs, placemats and coordinating napkins, all the way to delicious treats and much more! This includes, but is certainly not limited to, tasty chocolate goodies, but also items from Tait Farm Foods (located in Pennsylvania), such as Cranberry Orange Conserve and Pumpkin Butter. You can see a list of their offerings here. If you want to turn it up a notch you can also contact them to order a custom gift basket.

Last, but certainly not least, is Westport Rivers. This vineyard is family owned and operated by Bob and Carol Russell, with a few other trusted employees. They have a great story, as Carol grew up in the world of wine as it was the family business. Her grandparents actually created and sold one of the best-selling sparkling wines nationally celebrated at the time. After searching for the perfect location to open their own vineyard, Bob and Carol chose Westport, MA back in 1982. Their team has been together for nearly three decades, and some have worked together even longer at nearly four decades time. That is some serious dedication, and you can taste it in their spirits which can be found online by clicking this link. Westport Rivers is the place for your holiday wine shopping, especially if you were already planning to order some. Whether it be for yourself, a holiday dinner/event, or a gift for friends/family, they certainly have you covered!

Don’t let winter’s cold intimidate you the point you become immobile. We are New Englanders that must fight back. Staying inside and admitting defeat is not the New England way! We implore you not to surrender to these cold months, and not to let them corrupt and control your schedules. Yes, winter is indubitably coming, but we can at least fight back by getting out of the house for some holiday shopping. Ending the day in a warm area of your home with a delicious glass of wine from Westport Rivers will certainly taste better than defeat too…