Where to Get Your Ice Cream Fix This Summer near Westport

It is finally the summertime and everyone is looking forward to spending some quality time outdoors with family and friends. Westport is famously known to be a great area to raise a family in and is bolstered by not only its great school system but also for its beautiful homes and great scenery. All of those are part of the recipe for a relaxing summer. There is no better time to enjoy ice cream under the sun than this season.

It is about time that we all get ready to enjoy a spectacular summer. We have found a list of the top ice cream establishments in the area at your disposal this season. There are a ton of activities you can be sure to handle while enjoying a tasty ice cream cone including but not limited to a stroll at one of the parks in the area.

Handy Hill Creamery:

One spot in the area you should check out is Handy Hill Creamery. This place has over 40 flavors on the menu and you’re destined to pick a flavor that fits your personal taste. Every child’s favorite day is when they can go on a sudden ice cream trip with their parents; why not make Handy Hill creamery the spot to take them? As a matter of fact, why not enjoy lunch as well, which is also on the menu?

You are guaranteed satisfaction with tons of amazing flavors to choose from. Check out their extensive menu here. Depending on the person, lots of options can be a good or a bad thing. No matter your favorite, you’re bound to find something you like!

The Moose Café is also another perfect spot for you to take the family to this summer. In this establishment, you can enjoy from what seems like an infinite list of flavors and also can choose to enjoy pastries if that is more your speed. Located in the heart of Westport, you won’t be disappointed with the array of flavor selection in this restaurant. Flavors range from Cake Batter, to Caramel Nut, Oatmeal Cookie, Pumpkin Spice and even Moose Bar. This spot is open as early as 6am and as late as 9pm so feel free to stop by and get your fixing of dairy goodness at your own leisure.

Why limit your Saturday afternoon to just ice cream? It is also a great time to explore the local parks in the area.  The Horseneck Beach Reservation draws thousands of visitors every year. This would a perfect way to spend a Saturday outdoors with your loved ones. Enjoy two miles of beach and enjoy a nice stroll with the family all while catching a breeze. This reservation offers tons of additional activity including fishing, windsurfing, biking trails, bird watching and hunting. Even if you don’t want to participate in all those activities, as stated before, the option to do so is the most important thing.

Overall, regardless of your activity of choice with the family, Westport is sure to have the right options for you to choose. Make your way to Westport this summer, and you won’t be disappointed.